Who is afraid of the Polish?


The storm in a teacup triggered by the Irish Independent for popular amusement has slowly died away. The Polish Ambassador to Ireland, Polish journalists, Irish TCs and all the saints raised their voices in protest.

I put in my two cents’ worth not, because the fate of my countryman is of vital importance to me and I have a dilemma whether she practices Hawaiian massage as a businesswoman or whether she spends her Hawaii holiday as part of her unemployment benefit. I am completely indifferent whether Donegal is a hole or a beautiful resort. I also ignore what the hysterical crowd screams, because fanatics are not an Irish phenomenon and they can be found everywhere. In Poland, in the sphere of the media and political discourses, fanaticism occurs far too often, and I am resilient where populist views of the mob are concerned.

What I am more interested in, is whether the Republic of Ireland is a law - governed state? The recent occurrences weakened my certainty in that regard.

Calling for racial hatred.

In Great Britain a British woman appeared in court and was convicted for shouting on a tram that those to blame for the crisis in her homeland are migrants from Poland. That was sufficient to get her convicted of racism.

In contrast to Britain, Senator Jimmy Harte declared in public that he would buy a ticket for this Polish woman, so that she can return to her country. Contrary to the European law, and despite the fact that this woman has not committed any crime, and she has not been convicted by a lawful court, and no country demands her deportation, it has been suggested to expel a citizen of the European Union from Ireland. This is a scandal indeed. Also, this remark indicates a total lack of respect for Poles, as an ethnic minority.

Would Senator Harte dare to say the same thing about a citizen from any of the African countries? If Senator Harte threatens us with this ‘patriotic’ passion, Poles in Ireland should buy him a plan ticket for a trip around the world. Of course he would fly with Ryanair. Surely it will not happen, as then, a member of the Oireachtas would be eaten alive by the media and the opposition party for spreading the idea of racism.

In the Irish parliament however, anyone who wishes to do so, can spit on the Polish woman. Mr Jimmy Harte is Laboure Party member and he believes that he has a mandate from the Irish society to engage in such witty comments. He is a senator representing a party, that while in opposition, through the voice of the current Minister of Education, promised students that his party would never allow the cost of university courses to rise or reduce grants? Indeed, these seem to be a people who will believe anything.

Today Senator Jimmy Harte withdrew his comments, as he announced... on Twitter (sic!). Could it really be that Senator did not have enough dignity to apologize to this Polish woman in front of the Senate and with the presence of TV cameras? All that is written on social networking sites is a private matter. Words expressed in the Oireachtas have greater weight. From the above one can gather that the legislative government in Ireland is hostile towards the Poles, although in private no one has anything against them.

If Poles in Ireland keep allowing themselves to be insulted and unjustly accused, people will keep doing it. The British woman was charged with an offence with the result that next time when she wants to express her aversion to migrants, she will keep her mouth shut. Senator Harte, for his part, does not even feel to be obliged to apologize to the Polish woman in a manner proportionate to his insult .

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